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HAIR BY KIMMI Kimmi Conlon is a Professional Hair Stylists & Makeup Artist within the Niagara Region. She is currently workign for a local Hair Salon in Niagara Falls, ON and is always looking for new clients so that she can work her magic on. If you are looking to get beautified for an upcoming event, wedding, gala, etc., she's your ticket to making you look like the star of the show.
Sharon Leach - Independent Epicure Consultant Sharon Leach is an Independent Consultant for Epicure Selections in the Windsor,ON region. In case you don't know what Epicure is all about it just so happens that it is 100% Canadian and family owned and mostly a women-led company that is committed to doing good by providing great food, living and giving back to Canadians and their communities. So if you are one of those people that like to cook and expirement with some spices while cooking, get ahold of Sharon and book your next Epicure Party.
Free Website Hosting Looking for a hosting company to host your website for FREE! Look no further than Providing website storage up to 1500MB of space with 100GB of bandwidth per month. You'll also have access to your own CPanel and won't have to worry about having those annoying ads or banners that come with other FREE website hosting packages elsewhere. There is no limit as to how many domains you can have with one account and will also have access to Basic POP3 eMail and SMTP in case you want to have an eMail address associated with your website to make yourself even more professional looking rather than those with a Hotmail, Yahoo! or GMail accounts. There is even an option to upgrade to one of their other packages which starts as low as $4.84/month.
Easy Storage Solutions Looking to take care of life's clutter? Why don't you get more organized by contacting our good friends at Easy Storage Solutions. Wether it is to organize your basement, garage, workshop or store, they'll be able to handle all of your needs by installing simple and easy storage solutions to keep things tucked out of the way or even to help you with being able to display more inventory. Think you had lots of space now? So what are you waiting for, give them a call and your life decluttered and to put your mind at ease.
From Country to Classical, Rock to Rap, Gospel to Metal and everything in between, RIXXOR is the place to find it. Featuring articles, reviews, advice from industry professionals, captivating columns, videos and interviews: It is your source for it all. It is a company that was created to shed light on the independent bands and artists of the world. A place for the unknown to BE known. A site and e-magazine where music lovers can find something new, read about the bands they already know and, above all else, support the independent music industry. So if you are an indie band and want to get some exposure, get in contact with RIXXOR Entertainment Inc..
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