The Company

Tragik Koncepts & Design (TKD) is a home based technology business and solution provider located in St. Catharines. TKD currently only has one employee right now in which he has spent numerous years learning in Vocational courses, College or from his own hands-on approach to provide solutions for all of his clients needs.

As he provides solutions to his clients, he is also wanting to get into their heads about any ideas that they have to share with him on how he can service them better. By being able to pick their brains, he is actually creating a new network that includes their friends, family or other colleagues that they come in contact with and they are then referred to him as they were told by his client that he is one of the best to do business with.

So while you're here visiting TKD's site and pondering about what it can do for you, why not take your time and read all about the company and who he is so that they can begin to develop a personal bond with you and he'll be able to assist you with any problem that you are having, whether it be a minor computer repair issue or to have some graphic design work done. No matter how small or how big the issue is, TKD will be here every step of the way until the project is complete.

TKD also wants you to come to them because they are devoted to their clients needs 150%, as they will always go over and beyond their call of duty to make sure all of their clients are satisfied with their work. You're probably asking yourself, well how do you do that? Well TKD takes the time to educate and teach their clients on how to use their new software, computer or any other service that they can provide so that they can use them more efficiently to complete any task they are faced with in their every day activities.

TKD's commitment is provide affordable solutions to everyone that comes to see them so that they can save that extra money they have been saving for more important things that they need for the their family without breaking the bank, and by doing this, their clients receive better solutions, service and products from them. So what are you waiting for, get in contact with TKD now so that you can take full advantage of this opportunity as well.

The Owner


A picture of the owner.

Timothy Jeffries Jr. is the owner and operator of Tragik Koncepts & Design (TKD). He has been working with computers since the age of 5 and building and taking them apart since he was 12 and most of his learning has come from using the "Hands-On" approach. Through trial and error and destroying a few while he was younger, it taught him how to grow more knowledgeable when working around them. He has also taken vocational training courses throughout his life so that he can utilize them in his everyday life when he helps resolve ongoing issues that his clients may have with their systems or home networks.

Over the past 7 years he has help out more than 500+ clients thus far within the Niagara Region in which he hopes that it will continue to increase every year. Through the vast knowledge that he has gained over the years he has proven to each one of his clients that he is the right man for the job when it comes to computer repair and his clients are overwhelmingly pleased to have him as their number one service man.

It's true what TKD's motto says, "Giving our clients what they want for their money!" as he ensures that when he is working on your system or network that he not only tells you exactly what is wrong with it, but will even take the time to coach and train his clients along with showing them what to do if the same problems should arise again. He believes that when it comes to repairing computers and networks that everyone is coachable to learn new ways to do it themselves and if they need that extra helping hand that he is just a phone call or an email away from being there to assist you in whatever issues you may be having.

If you are wanting to know more about his skills and qualifications, you can view his Resume here.


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