Here is a list of our most FAQ's that we receive from our clients when we service their systems or networks.


How much do you charge per hour?


Please view our Labour Charges & Discounts.page to find out how much we charge for In Store Services.


Do you charge extra for Onsite (In Home/Business) Services?


Please view our Labour Charges & Discounts page to find out how much we charge for Onsite Services.


Can you tell me how many billable hours this might take to fix?


No, we can't be totally sure, of course, but most of our repair jobs that we conduct do require anywheres from 1hr to 12hrs to complete. To view estimated times, please view each one of our pages under "Services" for more info.


Do you have a minimum charge?


Yes, but only if you are requiring us to come to your home or office to check out your systems issues, in which we charge $25.00 (1 Billable Hour) which covers for our transportation and tool maintenance costs. If your system is brought here to our location then there is no minimum charge as this fee will be waived.


Do you guarantee your service?


All new hardware components must be ordered so we require the money to cover the cost of the part is paid upfront before any work is done on your system. This guarantees that you are serious about having us order the part needed for replacement of dead one, upgrade of an older one, or because you need one.

All new hardware components installed will also be registered by us for a manufacturers warranty and the warranty records will be kept at TKD in case the hardware component is defective or is D.O.A.. Warranties will last only until manufacturers warranty expires.

All used/refurbished hardware components will be guaranteed until the manufacturers warranty also expires. If used/refurbished hardware components is out of warranty will only guarantee it for the first 15 days from pick up depending on why the part had died. (ie. If hardware component died because your system wasn't plugged attached to a surge protected outlet, we will not cover the warranty as it is the responsibility of the user to make sure that it is plugged in properly.)

If a hardware component stops working and if you fall into one of the warranty categories please give us a call immediately so that we can fix the problem before your warranty expires.


When might I be able to pick up my system?


Any client that comes to our location to have their system serviced should expect their system to be picked back up within 24 - 48hrs from the date that they dropped it off to us. This is also to insure that everything is functioning properly and efficiently as well as to have that extra time to fix any other issues that could arise within that time. If we discover that there are more issues with clients' system, we will inform them either by phone or email to let them know that we would have to keep it a little bit longer before it goes back to our clients.


If anyone has any other questions or comments for us besides what has been posted above, please send us an email to my email address located on our Contact page and we will try to answer them accordingly.


Timothy Jeffries Jr. - Owner

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